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This calendar is for special meetings, events, trips, tours, feast gatherings etc.
If you are looking for a fellowship or want to invite others to your Home Fellowship or Congregation,
please visit our sister site

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What a great resource for our community. Now you can find when meetings are being held near you...or even better, register to come with me on my next tour. =)

All my future Israel Trips and Events are going here.

In fact, if I am coming to your location to do a meeting, you could promote it here or on the Hebraic World network for free so more people can come to it. Come Join me!

Rico Cortes


Preparing for mydiana_dye last conference was very time consuming with the registrations, follow-ups and handling payments etc. etc. Getting the word out takes so much time too.


Now when I add my event, I know that my potential audience will instantly know about it without my having to do all the radio spots, printing and broadcasting flyers etc. etc. Thanks Hebraic Events!

Dr Diana Dye

Just avi-ben-mordecaiwhat is needed for the Hebraic Roots Movement!


There is always something happening and this site is a perfect match for those looking for events AND for those hosting events!


Avinoam Ben Mordechai


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