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Shavuot 2013 Israel Biblical Study Tour with Avinoam Ben Mordechai

Biblical Studies International LecturerAvinoam ben Mordechai

Israeli State Licensed Tour Guide, International Lecturer, Biblical Author and Hebrew Roots Film Producer


img_3Day 1 – FRIDAY, MAY 10

Mid-Morning arrival into Ben Gurion International Airport. Bus coach travel to Jerusalem’s Four-Star Ramat Rachel Tourist Class Hotel OR Mount Zion Hotel. An elegant Sabbath dinner in the hotel dining room. Together, we will celebrate the biblical Seventh Day Sabbath. After dinner, a one-hour evening orientation.


Day 2 – SABBATH, MAY 11

Today, we will relax and engage in a biblical study and overview of Israel history and prophecy, from Genesis to Revelation. After our evening dinner, we will go out to Jerusalem’s famous Ben Yehudah Street for some cosmopolitan Israeli culture.

Day 3 – SUNDAY MAY 12

Today, we will go out on a full-day 4 x4 “Jeeping” experience in a “Safari Truck” excursion into the backcountry of the Judean Hills to the west and southwest of Jerusalem. We’ll have a group picnic lunch and we will visit and learn about the following sites –

img_4The Adullam Caves: Our history lesson begins here with Genesis 38:1-20. At this site, we’ll also learn about the political events of Joshua 15:35 and follow in the footsteps of David and his men in 1 Samuel 22:1, 2 Samuel 23:13 and 1 Chronicles 11:15.

The Elah Fortress (Sha’arayim):  Here, we will study biblical archaeology as we walk through the remains of a famous hilltop military fortress of King Saul and later, transfered to King David. This site is mentioned specifically in scripture at 1 Samuel 17:52 and was known as “Sha’arayim” – “Two Gates.” It looks out over the valley where the David and Goliath confrontation took place.


Tel Ekron: Our Jeep “Safari” truck will take us on a roughshod 4 x 4 Jeep trail down the Soreq Valley to the fields of Kibbutz Revadim, which was ancient Ekron – one of five major Philistine royal cities, known as the Philistine “Pentapolis.” Here, we’ll learn about the Ark of the Covenant in 1 Samuel 5:10. We’ll also study the events that led up to the narrative explained in 2 Kings 1:16.

Tel Bet Shemesh: At this site, we will study the movement of the Israelite Ark of the Covenant as it was moved from the Philistine city of Ekron to Bet Shemesh, as recorded in 1Samuel 6:12-20.

Day 4 – MONDAY MAY 13

img_5img_6Today, we will spend our day in what is called the “OLD CITY” of Jerusalem. We will study Hebrew scripture on-location at the following sites:

The Israelite Tower.  This will give us a much clearer picture of the attempted Assyrian siege and invasion of Jerusalem as referenced in 2 Kings 18. The construction of the tower and its wall (the “Broad Wall”) will also explain to us the prophecy of Isaiah Chapter 38, towards King Hezekiah.

The Burnt House. Our visit to this site will help us to understand the final Roman battle for Jerusalem in the year 70. We will sit for a half-hour multi-media program that is sure to have you amazed at how one thing led to another.

img_7 The Western Wall Tunnel. Over the last two decades, archaeologists have been uncovering some areas around the walls of the “Temple Mount.” In this archaeological dig, a lot of new discoveries have been made to help confirm the historical writings of Josephus as he spoke about the building of the Temple Mount walls and Jerusalem’s city streets. We’ll go deep underground and examine a number of second-temple period aspects of first century Jerusalem, almost as if frozen in time!

The Southern Steps Archaeological Park. Here, we will visit the Grand Staircase that Yeshua and Sha’ul (Paul) quite likely sat on to give biblical studies to those who had ears to hear the truth. Plus, we’ll better understand the events that happened in Acts Chapters 2-4!

Bethesda Pool. This is a must-visit site that is referenced in John Chapter 5:1-16.


The City of David. Walking this site will give you a deep appreciation and understanding of 2 Kings 25:8-10 and what the Hill of Zion means in scripture. If you want to know what Jerusalem really was in the days of King David, this site will explain it all! We will go deep underground in the City of David and learn about the “River of the Water of Life” in Revelation 22:1. We will learn about John Chapter 9:1-7 at the Siloam Pool. We will learn about King Hezekiah’s pool and his building project in 2 Kings 20:20 and 2 Chronicles 32:1-4 and 32:32. Finally, you will understand the meaning behind Yeshua’s teaching about the Spirit in John 7:37-39.





img_9Today, we will get an early 7:00am start and head for the Salt Valley, which includes the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, and Masada! We’ll dig deep into the historical writings of Jewish historian Josephus and learn about the final military battle of Judea, which culminated at Masada, following the Roman destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70. While in the area, we’ll study the geology and history of the Dead Sea in scripture and why it is called by the term, img_10The Lake of Fire” in Revelation 19:20. We’ll go on to have a brief look at the famous site where the “Dead Sea Scrolls” were found, in 1947-49; writings that have shed a tremendous amount of light on Israelite and Jewish biblical history and prophecy. We will also have a look at the scriptural site of Ein Gedi in 1 Samuel 23:29 and 1 Samuel 24:1. We’ll follow in the footsteps of David as King Saul was pursuing him in the wilderness regions of the Land.

Returning to our Jerusalem hotel, we will settle in for some dinner and then afterwards, you will have a free evening to spend time with each other, learning and talking about scripture.



Everything will be closed in Jerusalem today!  However, we will take a forty-minute stroll over to Armon HaNatziv, which is an excellent place to get a “BIG PICTURE” of Jerusalem. We’ll study scripture on location, while we sit down for a home-style picnic lunch! After sunset, we’ll turn you loose to go shopping on Ben Yehuda Street in the Jerusalem city center.


img_12Checking out of our hotel in the morning after breakfast, we will board our bus and head to the north of Israel, to the city of Tiberius, on the Sea of Galilee. Along the way of our journey on Highway 60 – which follows the ancient path of the movements of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and so many others – our first stop will be a Shiloh. This is a must-see site. On-location, we’ll learn the biblical stories about Hannah and her son Samuel (1 Samuel Chapters 1-8) and we will walk the very site where the ancient House of the Almighty One of Israel stood for 369 years! We’ll learn about Joshua 18:1. We’ll learn about Judges 21:12. We’ll learn about 1 Samuel Chapter 4 and we will understand Psalm 78:60 in connection with Jeremiah 7:12 and Yeshua’s words in Matt 21:13. After lunch at the site, we will continue north to Mount Gerizim, which is opposite Mount Eval (Deuteronomy 11:29), as referenced in John Chapter 4. Here, on-location, we will understand the words that Yeshua spoke to the woman at the well in John 4. We will also learn to understand Nehemiah 4:7 in the context of the writings of Josephus. From atop Mount Gerizim, we will study the events of 1 Kings Chapter 12 between Jeroboam and Rehoboam. We will also stop to ponder Joshua 24:32, the site where Joseph was buried, in ancient Shechem.




Towards the end of our day, we will make our way over to the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret) and check in at the Ron Beach Hotel, right img_14on the water’s edge. You will have some free time to go out for a swim in the Sea of Galilee and to do some evening shopping on the boardwalk of the Tiberius city center.



Day 8 – FRIDAY MAY 17

img_15After breakfast, we will begin our biblical studies around the Sea of Galilee with an examination of Yeshua’s words as delivered to the lake cities of Chorazim, Bethsaida, and Capernaum. I collectively refer to these sites as the img_16“Triangle of Woes” – Matthew 11:21 and Luke 10:13.  And to fully grasp and appreciate the ministry of Yeshua along the towns and villages of the Sea of Galilee, we will study the gospel narratives as they relate to all the cities of the sea including Geneseret or Ginnosar – Matthew 14:34 and Mark 6:53. We’ll study some Galilean climatology and take a one-hour mid-afternoon boat sailing excursion on the Sea of Galilee so that we can appreciate all of the ministry stories that took place on and around the waters of the lake. We will also step back in time at Bethsaida to understand its history img_17before Yeshua, when it was called Julias (Josephus) and it was the provincial capital of the Land of Geshur in 2 Samuel 13:37. We’ll study the construction of ancient Israelite gates and walls to better appreciate teachings such as Proverbs Chapter 31.

And if you like fish, you’ll love the Tilapia (what they call “St. Peter’s Fish”) that is served up at a Capernaum lakeside restaurant. We’ll return to our hotel in time to freshen up for Sabbath. In the evening, we will have a one-hour biblical study in dealing with the message of Paul to the Galatians and connect the teachings to what we learned on-location today in the “Triangle of Woes.” Plus, some fellowship and group music sing-a-long!

Day 9 – SABBATH MAY 18

Today, a day to enjoy a swim in the Sea of Galilee or to relax and catch up with your journaling. After dinner, a free evening in Tiberius.

Day 10 – SUNDAY MAY 19

img_18After breakfast, we’ll get an early start on our day and travel to the far north of Israel and visit a famous historical site, referred to as Ateret. This was a Crusader Army site in the 1100s. The interesting part of this story will be told on-location, as you will see firsthand, geological activity and earth plate tectonics. The Crusaders of the day were not aware of where they built their fort! Today, part of it is on the African plate and part oimg_19f it is on the Asian Plate!

Further north on our biblical studies tour, we’ll stop to learn about 1 Kings 12:28-33 at Tel Dan. We’ll also study the biblical history of Dan as referenced in Joshua 19:47-48.

Not far from Tel Dan, we will have a close look at the ancient pagan city of Banias, where Yeshua and Peter had a conversation as referenced in Matthew 16:13-20. Jewish historian Josephus has much to say about this location, which was the administrative capital of King Herod Phillip and later in 61CE, king Agrippa II made it his administrative img_20capital and renamed it Neronias in honor of the Roman emperor Nero. Agrippa also carried out many urban improvements here. img_21During the first Jewish/Roman war, emperor Vespasian held Roman games here, for a period of 20 days before advancing on Tiberius to crush all Jewish resistance in the Galilee. All of this history will serve us well when we travel to Gamla on the 11th day of our biblical studies program. Before returning to the Ron Beach, we will make a stop at a mid 1200’s castle built by the Muslim leader Baibars. The castle is referred to as Nimrod, from the Hebrew Root N-M-R, which refers to a leopard. We will find out on-location why this castle is referred to as such, with its fascinating construction of rooms, arches, and secret passageways.

Day 11 – MONDAY MAY 20

Today, we will leave the city of Tiberius and begin our journey west towards the Mediterranean Coast. We will spend our time studying scripture on-location, immersing img_22ourselves into the stories of Ahab, Jezebel, Gideon, Elijah, Elisha, King Saul and so many others of that time period. Our stops for the day include:img_23

Tel Jezreel. Here, we will learn about Ahab, Jezebel, Naboth (Navot), Elijah, Yoram, Ahaziah, and others – 1 Kings Chapter 21; 2 Kings Chapters 9-10; 1 Kings Chapter 18.

Jezreel Valley Water Spring. This was a famous (and still existing) water spring at the foot of Tel Jezreel. This site was the bivouac for King Saul and his army in 1 Samuel Chapter 29.
img_24Ma’ayan Harod. Here, on location we will learn about the courage of Gideon in Judges Chapters 6 and 7. It was here that Gideon’s army of 32.000 was pared down to just 300 and it was this small army that came against the Philistines, who were like locusts covering the valley – Judges 6:33; 7:1, 12.


Megiddo. On location, we’ll study the events that took place here in ancient Israelite history. This was a city belonging first to the Canaanites and then was handed-off to others, eventually falling to King Solomon – 1 Kings 9:15. Megiddo plays an important role in the Jezreel Valley as part of an “End Times” prophecy about Armageddon or in Hebrew, “Har Megiddo – Revelation 16:16.


img_25img_26At the end of our biblical studies day, we will check into our new accommodations either in Haifa at the Colony Hotel or at the

Kibbutz Hotel Nachsholim, which is next to the ancient Tel Dora.





We’ll Let You Know! It is all about Quality and Price!


After breakfast, we will make our way over to the very important site of Antipatris, built by King Herod in honor of his father. The old fort has a long history of occupation. We’ll study the events where the Book of Acts 24:31 took place. In fact, we’ll stand on the very stones and at the very place where Sha’ul (Paul) came into the city gates and relive that event, as recorded in the Book of Acts.
After Antipatris, we will travel to the famous Herodian port city of Caesarea Maritima. Here, King Herod built one of his most magnificent cities and a technologically img_31advanced deep-water port and harbor. How did he do it? You will learn about it on-location and see for yourself. img_32This city of Caesarea was famous for many church leaders in the days of the Byzantium Christians and also was a strong city center for many Jewish scholars. In the first-century, Paul was brought here to face his Jerusalem accusers – Acts Chapters 23-25. He later left this city and sailed on to Rome – Acts 25:12 and 27:1.



On our way back to our hotel, we will study about Elijah at Carmel Mountain, with the events that transpired there, as recorded in 1 Kings 18. As time permits, we’ll try to make a stop at Tel Dora, which has some Israelite history going back to the days of Joshua 11:2!



Early this morning, you will begin your travel back to the USA, as this will conclude our 2013 Israel Shavu’ot Biblical Study Tour with Dinah Flores and Avinoam ben Mordechai. You should expect to return home before the close of the week and the beginning of Shabbat. If any of you wish to stay a bit longer in Israel, please see Avi about helping you to arrange accommodations for you in either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.




  • FIFTEEN (15) to NINETEEN (19) PEOPLE = *$2542.00, hotel double occupancy.
    • Children ages 2-12, staying in the same room with the parents – 25% discount on total cost!
    • Single Hotel Supplement (a private, single room), ADD $ 950.00 US DOLLARS Per Person
  • TWENTY (20) to TWENTY-NINE (29) PEOPLE = *$2382.00, hotel double occupancy
    • Single Hotel Supplement (a private, single room), ADD $ 950.00 US DOLLARS Per Person
    • Children ages 2-12, staying in the same room with the parents – 25% discount on total cost!



  • Transportation to and from Ben Gurion Airport on Friday, May 10 and Wednesday, May 22
  • Full day 4 x 4 Jeep tour and special picnic lunch into the back hills of the Judean Mountains on Sunday, May 12
  • Transportation from the Siloam Pool at the City of David to the hotel on Monday May 13
  • Sea of Galilee one-hour boat sailing experience and special fresh fish lunch on Friday, May 17, 2013
  • Transportation to all daily specified locations, as required by the travel itinerary
  • All entrances to special sites including Masada, Ein Gedi or Kalia Beach Dead Sea Spa, Western Wall Tunnels, Bethesda Sheep Pools, Old City Israelite Tower, the City of David, Jerusalem Archaeological Park, the Burnt House, Shiloh.
  • All entrance fees to all Israel National Parks specified on the itinerary
  • Full Board, three meals every day – Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner! Soft drinks, wine, beer, and special beverages are NOT INCLUDED. Ordering these will cost you extra.
  • All hotel accommodations, double occupancy – Four-Star Ramat Rachel Jerusalem, the Four-Star Ron Beach Tiberius, the Three-Star Colony Haifa or Kibbutz Nachsholim.
  • Professional guiding services from State Certified and Licensed Tour Guide Avinoam ben Mordechai Marcus
  • All applicable taxes and tips to transportation drivers, hotel personnel, and ancillary fees.
  • THIS PROGRAM IS ALL INCLUSIVE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS FOR 12 DAYS in ERETZ ISRAEL. You will have nothing to be concerned about or think about except to study your Bible on-location, with no material distractions!
  • TOTAL PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Round Trip Airfare to and from your home




  • 1st INSTALLMENT PAYMENT – $300.00 US DOLLARS due on or before March 1, 2013
  • 2nd INSTALLMENT PAYMENT – Fifty (50%) Percent of the total program costs due on or before April 1, 2013.
  • 3rd AND FINAL Fifty (50%) Percent BALANCE DUE on or before May 1, 2013.
  • **If payment is made by this method, we request a freewill donation of 3.5% of your total due, to cover bank processing service fees. OR, to help you, and us save money, send post-dated checks or do an ACH bank wire transfer.


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